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IBD COVID-19 Guidance

All IBD patients should follow guidelines from the CDC and local public health departments regarding events and travel. 

Patient should always consult their gastroenterologist before making any changes or discontinuing their medication. Please call us at 630-527-6450 with any questions or concerns regarding your treatment plan.

The Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation has issued guidelines for patient with IBD to help protect them from the virus. 

We encourage all IBD patients to visit their website here:


High Risk Patients

The following patients are considered to be at high risk:

  • All patients with IBD on immunosuppressive medications 
  • Those with weakened immune systems, including patients with IBD
  • Those who are pregnant or who were recently pregnant
  • Individuals with other underlying health conditions such as diabetes, chronic kidney disease or other endocrine / metabolic disorders

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