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PEG 3350 preparation

2 Day – extended

Your doctor has ordered a colonoscopy, which is an examination of the entire intestine (colon). This procedure takes about 20-30 minutes. A flexible tube (colonoscope) is passed into the rectum then gently advanced through the large intestine, examining the inner lining.

10 days before procedure
  • Purchase glycolax powder and PEG 3350, from your local pharmacy
  • Avoid any foods with olestra (found in low fat snack foods)
  • Avoid popcorn, nuts or seeds.
7 Days before your procedure and everyday thereafter up to your procedure
  • Mix one capful (17 grams) of glycolax powder with water or juice and drink in the evening
5 Days before your procedure
  • Contact a relative or friend to arrange for transportation from the clinic after your procedure.
  • Because you will be sedated you must have someone available to take you homeandyou may not take a taxi home unless you have someone, other than the taxi driver, to be your responsible adult.
2 Days before your procedure
  • Stay on clear liquid diet the entire day
  • See clear liquid diet instructions
The morning of the day before your procedure
  • Stay on clear liquid diet the entire day
  • Add drinking water to PEG 3350 to the fill line (4 liters) mix thoroughly and chill
The day before your procedure
  • Start at: __________
  • And finish within 2 hours.
  • Begin drinking the chilled PEG 3350, drink 1 (8oz) glass every 15-20 minutes until you have drank half of the gallon. (This takes 1 to 2 hours)
After midnight prior to your procedure
  • Do not eat or drink anything except for the PEG 3350
Start at:_______ A.M. P.M.
  • And finish within 2 hours.
  • Finish the second half of the PEG 3350
  • Your prep must be completed 4 hours prior to your procedure
The morning of your procedure
  • Do not eat anything!
  • Remember to wear comfortable clothing
  • Women please avoid high heels

Clear liquids mean anything that is clear in consistency: color is not as important as consistency. Drink juices such as apple, white grape or white cranberry. Avoid thick and pulpy juices. Bouillon or clear broth is fine. You can have gelatin without fruit. Avoid anything with red or orange artificial coloring. Soda, coffee and tea are fine. Do not drink milk or dairy products.

If for any reason you are unable to complete your preparation of PEG 3350, please call our office and the answering service will page the doctor on call for you.

Patients may have clear liquids up to 4 hours prior to procedure.

Day of Exam

If you are taking blood thinners such as coumadin or the equivalent, or diabetic medications, please inform the doctor, as you will need special instructions.

  • If you are taking medicine for high blood pressure, asthma, or heart disease you will want to take these as usual with a sip of water. All medications must be taken 2 hours prior to your procedure. All other medications must be reviewed with the doctor.
  • Should you consume more than just a sip of water with your medications the day of your procedure there will be a possibility of your procedure being cancelled.
  • If polyps are removed from your colon (or if biopsies are taken) you may be told not to perform strenuous physical activities for up to 2 weeks.
  • If polyps are removed (or if biopsies are taken) you should not travel by airplane for 2 weeks. You should not travel overseas for 2 weeks.
  • Please do not wear any facial make-up, moisturizers, body lotions or oils the day of your procedure.

Please call the office (630) 527-6450 if you have any questions regarding the instructions.

Please be aware not all preps have the same effect on everyone. Following the above instructions is not a guarantee that you will be properly prepared for your colonoscopy. There is a possibility that you will need to be rescheduled at a later date with additional instructions if your prep is inadequate.

Your procedure time is not a guarantee.

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